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APST is an open access publisher with an orientation towards research, practical & industrial applications. APST raises the research interest among researchers and endows the benefits to industrial practitioners by disseminating unimpeded access to the scientific research. It also persuades the research & development of innovative technology through excellence in education, research & service.

Through consistent services in research & development; APST successfully builds up sturdy correlation with scientists, researchers and industrial practitioners. It is now esteemed as the brand name of quality & service among its peers researchers, scientists and industrial practitioners.

APST also provides the platform for the researchers to publish their research in peer reviewed journals ranging from computer science, engineering and business management in general and in particular bio-science, image sciences, signal sciences, mathematical sciences, social & management sciences, nano sciences, intelligent systems, ubiquitous computing, software engineering, theory & algorithms, databases, computer security, computer networks, computational linguistics, ergonomics and many others.



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